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Health is wealth, and we can earn it. Marginal changes in our daily routine can make a sea change in our sedentary life. 

You may have everything in your life but without good health, it is nothing. The world's best luxuries cannot give you happiness with ill health.

10 Scientific Tips to Stay Healthy
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You have to stay fit and healthy and it is a choice that makes your health. The more you become informative, earn knowledge, and incorporate it into your daily life the healthier dividend you will get.

 Health is the first important pillar that would add value to your life. Even a minor problem to your health can snatch away your mental peace. The sooner you know the better you be.

       So, it is the right time to inculcate the right habits to lead a healthy and fit life. Healthy habits are needed when you are healthy, ill-health needs Hospital. A few informative suggestions are delineated to shape your body and mind.  

‌1. Do sip lukewarm water instead of cold or normal water almost every time in a day. It flushes out toxins from the body in the form of sweat by increasing body temperature. 

As we drink the right quantity of water, the Kidney helps to remove toxins from the blood and infection-causing bacteria in the urine. Drinking warm water before a meal increases metabolism, as it increases body temperature and breaks down body muscle. 

This calorie-free beverage also helps to burn more calories by augmenting digestion and converting food into energy. Further, it eases bowel movement, helps in the digestion process, and removes constipation.

2.  Curtail refined table sugar and disguised sugary beverages like Cold Drinks, Canned juices, soda, Energy drinks, Ketchup, etc. loaded with preservatives from your diet as it instantly spikes and downs your blood sugar level causing your energy level Instant ups and downs. 

Excessive intake of sugar puts pressure on the pancreas to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body and causes diabetes. Sugar leads to obesity, heart disease, fatty liver, and excessive pressure on the kidney in releasing toxins.

Further, the liver metabolizes sugar like alcohol and converts carbohydrates into fat, and the accumulation of fat causes fatty liver, the contributor to a wide array of health problems. 

Sugar reduces our immune power by diminishing the ability of White blood cells to fight against bacteria. 

Sugar raises LDL Cholesterol and triglyceride which harden arteries and causes heart disease. 

Sugar consumption induces the formation of acid in our stomach which is against our alkaline body and acid is the mother of all diseases. 

Sugar also lacks micronutrients like protein, fiber, Sodium, calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, vitamin, etc., the contributors to good health. 

So, try to avoid intake of table sugar completely and replace it with pure nature-friendly non-chemical products like jaggery, loaded with phosphorus and minerals, Coconut Sugar, Dates Sugar, Mishri, Honey, and stevia as a substitute for Table Sugar.  

3. Prefer a Good kitchen oil as it improves our health to a great extent. Avoid refined oil process through numerous chemical cycles making it odorless, colorless, nutrition-less cooking oil loaded with preservative and anti-foaming agents. 

Always go for cold press/wood press virgin oil loaded with high Polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is good for the heart’s health. 

You can choose cold press Coconut, Sesame, mustard, and groundnut oil for your health. 

Coconut oil has saturated fatty acid but it contains Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) which is good for health, as it rapidly gets converted into an energy source in the liver and does not deposit as fat in the body. 

Similarly, mustard oil is banned in the USA, EU, and Canada due to its high erucic acid, which claims to create distress in the respiratory system. This can lead to damage and collapse of the lung and respiratory tract. 

But Ancient Ayurveda says Mustard oil is good for our health and it provides relief from cough, cold, sinusitis combined with antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

It has also an optimum range of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids which protects our cardiovascular health and vitamin E boosts the immune system. 

Do refrain from dip fried recipes loaded with Trans-fat and always prefer unsaturated fatty acid.   

 4.   Reduce Salt consumption to Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) which is 2300 mg or 1.5 Tablespoon per day. 

Rock salt or Himalayan pink salt is the best for your health loaded with sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus, chloride, iron with less quantity of Iodine.

 It protects our health from muscle cramps, maintains the pH of the blood, improves appetite, promotes digestion, reduces sugar craving, and helps in weight reduction. 

The body will get balanced Iodine requirements from vegetables, fruits, and dairy sources no need to worry about it, or else a mixture of less table salt and more rock salt may be included in your diet. 

5. Use Locally available nature-friendly products including vegetables. It will be free from preservatives, cost-friendly, and improve the income and interest of poor farmers to produce more making the economy better. 

High-cost imported products loaded with preservatives and harsh chemicals should be avoided. 

6. Fasting is an age-old practice in India. It automatically heals our body from different diseases by activating an autophagy process, where living cells consume dead and redundant cells.

 This process immensely benefits us by increasing appetite, shaping our body, and protecting us from deadly diseases like neurodegeneration, cancer, Alzheimer, etc. 

When you fast, your body goes to a healing state by accumulating dirt in the form of white tongue, yellow first urine, dirt in the eye, stool pressure, etc. 

Elimination of dirt or toxin from the body heals our internal health. 

Human growth hormone also increases drastically when we fast for a longer time. Our energy level goes up in a fasting state and down or sluggish after hefty eating.

 Nowadays people are talking about intermittent fasting, go for it otherwise skip meals intentionally it will help you a lot.

  7.   Early dinner is always good for your health. As health experts suggest eating dinner at least two hours before bed free your body from acid reflux and bloating.

 When you eat late, your body cannot use calories and store fat which could lead to weight gain. 

Early eating is an automatic practice of intermittent fasting which initiates the process of autophagy, the healing process of the body through cellular change and regeneration. 

So, an early eating practice should be inculcated for sound sleep, heart health, fixation of digestive issues, and weight reduction.

8. Do a healthy investment for the betterment of your health. Purchase a weighing machine for regular monitoring of your height and weight ratio (BMI), Small affordable GYM equipment like a dumbbell, pull up bar, yoga mat, etc. for shaping your body, water heater for sipping instant warm water, measurement cups for maintaining similar daily intake, health-related books for shaping your intellect, also invest on purchase of nuts, complex carbohydrate, fruits, and vegetables. 

9.   Routine Health Check-up is needed at least once every six months when your age goes beyond thirty. 

Always prefer good health insurance, it will be a wise decision and pay you off in an emergency. 

Your external health is in no way related to your internal health; one can’t predict your internal health condition simply by looking at your outer flesh.

 A little test now can add ages to your life. The test has no value when diseases will be diagnosed in their terminal. 

Do medical check-ups regularly to know your internal health condition. Nowadays various packages for full body medical check-ups are available at a cheaper rate. 

10. Health includes both physical and Mental health. Physical health means our height, weight, biceps, triceps, pack abs, etc. 

Exercise does miracles for maintaining good physical health. Mental or emotional health is our inner strength that is the strength of our thought over any situation. In this connection, meditation works.

         Meditation is the panacea for rejuvenating our mental health. It teaches us to think right at right time and it is a one-stop solution to every problem. 

You don’t have control over people and situations but you always have over our inner thoughts and meditation does a miracle in this connection. 

It also helps us to prefer response over reaction, calmness over confusion, work over expectation, reality over assumption, independence over-dependency, and many more. 

So, do learn meditation, the earlier the better. 

         Finally, let food be your medicine and exercise be an integral part of your life.  



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