7 Things To Know Before Giving Corrective Feedback



Corrective feedback should not be given to anyone. The one who asked for it someway deserves for it otherwise not”.

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             Corrective feedback is the suggestion or advice given to someone to mend his prefixed belief over a situation, work, or incident. It is given only for helping him out from complications that he might be encountered in the future. 

           People usually give it for the betterment of the receiver but a few people settle their old accounts in vengeance. People are always good for good people and bad for bad people, where no emotional courage is needed. It is said that you need to have a strong opponent or criticizer to strengthen your inner emotional health. 

           The power of acceptance is needed to deal with a person of opposite traits. Acceptance does not mean you approve of his thought or else you will imbibe it; it means you are not hating the person for his different ideology and accepting him without any mental turbulence. Everyone is right in his own perspective; you need to put your leg in his shoe to understand this.

   In another way, corrective feedback means you are mentioning your ideology is superior and you are thrusting others to accept it. At this juncture, there is every possibility that you will be leveled as a man of arrogance even by your close members. 

           So, Suggestions or advice, or corrective feedback should be given to those who deserve it. Free advice is as dangerous as poison. Many times, it acts like a boomerang. A story in this line is given below.

          There were two bosom friends Ram and Hari, studying in the same class and school. Ram was hardworking and read a lot to score good marks in the final examination. Unlike Ram, Hari was very casual and joyful. He does spend time in merrymaking and enjoyment. No doubt, he was brilliant in his studies but lacked hard work and dedication. Ram devoted his time and energy for preparation and kept everything in a sorted manner starting from the collection of books to note-making. 

          The casual attitude of Hari in reading and preparation compelled Ram to suggest Hari to read. The board examination is in our head & the syllabus is yet to finish. You need to pay attention in this regard. At least you have to make note of the entire syllabus. So, preparation will be easier for you, and you will score good marks in the examination. Hari could not take this suggestion positively. He thought as Ram has made all the notes precisely, he is boasting about it. He decided to teach a lesson to Ram and look for an opportunity to teach a lesson. 

        The attitude remains the same. Hari did not pay heed to Ram's saying. Days passed down and one fine day program of the examination got released. Hari brought Ram's notebook for making a copy of it. Ram handed over the notebook with a request to back it by tomorrow. He could not return it showing a petty issue instead he was enjoying entire days with friends. The next day Ram went to meet Hari for the notebook at that time Hari was playing. Being a close friend Ram's retort time is short Hari and our examination is about to happen. You have to use this time in learning to garner good results and a bright career. 

         Hari became enraged listening to Ram’s advice and tore the notebook into pieces. He thought Ram's notebook is the cause of the contentious relationship between them. Seeing this attitude of Hari, Ram became speechless and remorseful over his suggestions. He learned Corrective feedback/ suggestion/ advice should not be given until & unless someone asks for it. 

   Go through the following points while giving any suggestions: -

  • 1. Corrective feedback should not be given to anyone. The one who asked for it someway deserves it otherwise not. 
  • 2. Many times, when someone takes your suggestion. He must have made his own decision over it. He asked for your approval in his prefixed decision in the name of the suggestion. Either way, he might blame you. If you support him and, he fails in the long run you will be blamed. Because you had given consent for his work. If your suggestion did not match his expectation, you will be Instantly tagged as a bad wisher. He assumes you are not interested to see his progress. So, either way, you will be blamed. So, ponder over it while giving any suggestions to anyone. 
  • 3. Usually, it is seen that people give suggestions or corrective feedback to settle their old accounts. It should not be done. In the name of corrective feedback, don’t settle your old account.
  • 4. Don’t give suggestions in an open forum. Even if you are right and the receiver is your blood relation, it will hurt him. There are maximum chances that he will disobey you. Always go for one-to-one conversation while giving corrective feedback.
  • 5. Repetitive corrective feedback might rift your relationship, degrade your value. So, refrain from it.
  • 6. When someone is asking you for a suggestion, do not thrust your ideology on him. It is good to show him the different choices (Positive & Negative) available for him and the consequences which will come in its way. Let him make his own decision as ultimately, he is going to bear the consequences of his action. 
  • 7. Advice often does more harm than good. When the receiver does not want your advice, do not brag before him. First, give him space to express everything that he wants to vent out as most humans yearn for someone to listen to them. Contemplate it and go for your actions i.e., suggestion or withdrawal.



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