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Once the famous intellectual Narendra Deva, the then vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University, was traveling in a rickshaw (two-wheeled passenger cart).

This incident amazed one of his close friends. He waved his hand to stop Narendra Dev, to have a good conversation. The rickshaw stopped, Narendra Dev got down and the person asked about his health and family. 

In between the conversation, the man said I feel happy to see such a highly valued man with huge power and prestige. But I couldn’t understand,  being a great man with all Government emoluments including vehicles why you need to hire a Rickshaw.

After listening to all these things Narendra Dev replied brother! How did I become a great man? I have come from an ordinary family. If I will not hire a rickshaw, what will I hire? I can’t go for a luxurious life.

You are a vice-chancellor of a renowned university with international repute. It means you are blessed with an important position with lots of power, few people got this opportunity. You must have got a car for your living.

 Yes, I have got a car. But I am unable to bear the expense. Why would you bear the expense? The government will bear it, as it is a government vehicle and you are a Government employee.

He laughed and replied your thinking is not par with mine. Firstly, I don’t have any control or power over the vehicle. It is purely a government asset. I have got it for university work, not for my personal use. If I use it for my private life, it will be a misutilization of the Government’s power and position. The man in power should not behave as you said.

 Now, I am going for my medical check-up, and it's personal. Why should I use a government vehicle for personal work? If I, did it, others will follow me. Later on, it will be used more personally than officially. 

You know common people imbibe activities of people with power and position. It will lead to an open violation of rules and regulations. The man in a high position should create followers of high moral values through their activities by respecting the government’s law and orders.

     The man got an insight from a living god of humility and decided to imbibe the idealistic, unselfish attitude of Narendra Dev. He realized how power and position should be maintained in real life abiding the law and order. He also knew how happiness does not lie in possessiveness over any materialistic goods or objects instead lies in a minimalistic life. Simply you can put, happiness is a state of mind with simple life even if you are richly endowed with power, position and prestige. 

         In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Morals & Values To Inculcate

1. Your strength is in your Words, actions, attitude, and behavior, not in your position. 

2. You shouldn’t use the things that you are not entitled to. 

3. Luxury is a preference, not a need. 

4. When perspective varies differences of opinion arise.  

5. People follow you when you become exemplary to them. 


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