Love || The Strongest Weapon To Strengthen Any Relationship||

“Your noble work pays you off sooner or later.”

Love|| The Strongest Weapon To Strengthen Any Relationship||


Love is the master of all novel virtues and the stepping stone to happiness in everybody’s life. It is needed to do every work with keen interest and dedication. 

Hard work can only be done if the work motivates you. And, love for work is highly needed for this. Be happy and enjoy your journey, you will automatically be successful.   A story in this connection goes like this.

There was a teacher, who used to teach students in his own village and nearby villages without any honorarium. His prime motive was to change the environment of villages by using the tool of education. He had a firm belief that students would make the future world bright and it can only be possible through value education. He had given his best to make a radical impression on students through character formation.

Days passed on the young energetic teacher became old and weak. His students had prevailed across the towns and globe with lots of names and fame. In the meantime, all his close family circles passed away and he was a widower in his early married life. 

All these things brought the eyes of some miscreant to his property. They wanted to snatch it away. His normal life gradually became hard and difficult due to the harassment and intentional cruelties of others. 

Fortunately, this news came to the knowledge of one of his old students, who was a renowned advocate in the District Court. He personally met his teacher and tears trickled down listening to this story. He assured him to help out of the situation giving peaceful life. He took him to his own house, cared for him like his own parents, and filed a strong case against the troublemakers.

One day in an inquisitive mind the old man asked his student-cum-lawyer, why are you helping me out just like your parents? 

The man replied it is because I have unconditional love for you, deeply embedded with the moral education you had given early in my life.  Whatever I am doing is not because of getting name, fame, or respect but for the true love and affection that I have for you.


1. Your noble work pays you off sooner or later.

2. Always people have an eye on your property. So, Property always needs protection.

3. We shouldn’t forget the help that we have received from people.

4. Unconditional love is the strongest virtue one should possess. You can truly relate it when you have true love for someone without any expectations in return. 



Ankit kumar Mahakur

An effort to help you out to better off your life. You will get to learn here the gist of stories through moral points, Productivity tips along with easy life tips to tandem your body and mind.

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