Art Of Everlasting Relationship


Art Of Everlasting Relationship
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              The relationship is the most important pillar of a human’s life. Everybody should maintain it with proper care and effort. This relationship and its bonding are more emotional than physical. Emotional bonding is the strongest feeling and it solely depends upon right thinking.  

             To be more precise, there is only one way to make our overall bonding stronger and sustainable, that is through the art of right thinking. If our thinking for someone is genuine & pure, the physical relationship will automatically be taken care of. Further, the number of thoughts and their qualities are highly related. When the thoughts are positive, it will be less and vice-versa.

              Thoughts are invisible, inaudible but highly impactful. Right thinking is the only way to make an exterior relationship sustainable. We should remember outing, gifting, and lavish dinner will not mend the relationship without the right thought in mind. Being judgmental and critical within and expecting a healthier bonding is next to impossible. 

             So, thoughts created in the mind are the foundation of our relationship. Our good words and actions will be a catalyst in a relationship only when our thoughts will be pure and fine. The time is to focus on seed(thought) to make our tree (Word, work, Action, and Behaviour) stronger. To Conclude, we should be very pure within, to make our relationship healthier and sustainable. 



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