Art of Self-Consciousness



Art of Self-Consciousness
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         We think people’s behaviour and situation are solely responsible for everything that happens in our life. But in reality, we are responsible for everything. We should not react and blame others when they don’t act according to our wishes. We must take responsibility by focusing on our thoughts, words, and action. 

         We don’t have control over people’s behavior and situation but we have complete control over ourselves. They can’t interfere inside our minds to create any thought, word, or action. We have the choice whether to respond or react reminding its consequences. 

         We can’t also tag our reaction as automatic. Automatic is something that is bound to happen, where there are no choices at all. When we have a choice for many things it can’t be automatic. We always have the option to respond or react in every situation. When we behave according to our own choices it can’t be automatic. We also make choices to whom we will behave in which manner. We can’t talk rudely to our boss and authority. So, how will it be involuntary when we make a conscious choice in our every response.  

         If we think our thought, word, and action are automatic then it must be out of our bad habits & unawareness. When something is done repetitively, it automatically becomes our habit. When a habit is formed, we labeled it as automatic.

         When our habits are not comfortable, we can also change it by making the right choices. We can’t blame others for our bad performance by choosing the wrong option. We have to rectify it by making good choices and forming good habits. Always we should remember, our behaviors and bad habits can only be changed by us.  People may guide or suggest us, but we have to take action by making the right decision.  

         So, all our thoughts, words, and actions are not automatic, these are our conscious creations. This valuable knowledge will surely change our perspective towards people and situations enhancing peace and purity in our life.   



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