Helping Hand Needs Pure Intention


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         Once Rajendra Prasad was travelling in a third-class compartment of a train. It was scorching summer & the train was full of passengers. The train took a halt in a particular station concurrently another train on the opposite track also stopped. The other train was also overcrowded and congested, where a person couldn’t move his legs in between the passengers. Many people on that train were in search of water to quench thirst. In that short halt of the train, they were unable to collect water from the station’s tap. 

         In the meanwhile, Rajendra saw a woman in the other train with a small child in her lap, who was crying incessantly for water. Helpless mother was trying to console her child to drink water in the next station. The child was not in a mood to stop crying. Rajendra couldn’t wait anymore to hear the baby’s crying. Suddenly, he took his water bottle from the bag and started running to refill, and successfully delivered water to the mother. 

         Exactly at this time, the train started to move. He started running and hopped on the running train successfully. A man on the side said you have a weak body why are taking such a risk at this age. What is the need to put your head on it? We shouldn’t welcome problems. Railway staff must look into these matters.  

         The thing is that many passengers didn’t like the way he hopped on the train. It may create a fatal accident and even life loss. After listening to all these things Rajendra replied, “Brother! We have to extend our helping hand as time demands without waiting for others. In this incident, I realised I could better help instead of waiting for railway staff. We can’t always shift our responsibility to someone else. It is also easy to find the faults of others. If you take a moment and introspect yourself you could find that everyone has to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy. It is a divine act to give water to a thirsty. You are looking strong and stout, you should have done this”. 

         In between talks the people of that compartment got to know he was the famous Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The man apologised for his remarks. He told the gentleman; you should not apologize. From this day onwards take a vow to help others when time demands without ignoring a single opportunity. Service is the greatest religion and we all should incorporate it into our daily activities. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was an important leader of the Indian National Congress and later on became the first president of India after independence. 


1.    Ordinary life is the best life and simplicity is the greatest virtue. Your personality speaks about you, not your bank balance and property.

2.   A pure heart is needed to feel the pain of others. 

3.    Be the first one to extend your helping hands instead of waiting for someone else.

4.  Always you will see the people give advice without any direct help to mitigate your problems. A man in a helping hand is way more than a man of advice. 

5.    It is very easy to find out the faults of others and hard to find within. 

6.  If we intend to help, we can help. Help doesn’t always require money. More often our time, energy, and kind words are enough to heal someone else to give a kick start in other's life.

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  1. God helps those who helps others...

  2. If you have an opportunity to help someone in life, do it selflessly🙏. Along with the service, take care of your safety as well🙏🙏.

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