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         Happiness is beyond luxuries. Your belongings and possession would make your life comfortable. But a happy life may not necessarily be an extravagant or comfortable life. Sometimes, happiness and richness are inversely proportional. You may not have everything but you would be happy. So, happiness is less outer and a more internal thing that remains within a person. 

         There were two poor and underprivileged boys in a village. They were in search of a job and in meanwhile decided to leave the village to settle in a nearby town by doing any menial work. Fortunately, they got two Masters, one is poorer and the other one is relatively richer.  

         The rich man gave sufficient amount of food and luxuries to the boy who was in his home. His motive was to use the utmost physical potency of the boy either in the fieldwork or in household activities. His relation toward the boy was quite physical than emotional or we can say a business relationship was there only give and take. 

         On the other hand, the boy in the poor man's house was getting bare minimum food. Sometimes, he was to live with forced fasting with his master. All these things made him quite feeble and weak. The master was also not forcing him to work regularly and rigorously. Despite his poor health, he was quite happy with his master and his polite behavior.  

         After many days, both the boys accidentally met in the local market. The boy who lived in the rich family narrated all incidents regarding ample property, luxuries of his master with his hectic work schedule. He was physically strong and stout. He said his master is a very good person, but always seeks work and never compromises on it. He always has work for me. Similarly, the other boy told everything that is going on in his master’s house. He told his master is a poor man with a tiny business set up where he hardly gets any returns. 

         After listening to all these things, the other boy wished to extend help to his friend. He gave assurance to engage him in his master’s house. The boy declined the proposal. How and Why did you decline the proposal? 

         He replied I am happy with my Master; I don’t need luxuries with strenuous work. My master loves me a lot despite my poor performance at work. He loves me more than my work. I am more a family man than a mere slave for his family. Also, he doesn’t force me to work, he politely requests that. No doubt, sometimes, we don’t get a two-square meal out of poverty. Still, I say my master is a very benevolent and dignified person. At least he has the moral to listen to my genuine request. 

         I think all these things are highly needed for mental peace. So, why should I prefer your master? I must say my master is an incredible gift for me.


1.    An empty stomach compels you to do any work. 

2.    When you get a chance, don’t suck others like a leech. You are a human being and you should respect humanity. 

3.    Always prefer happiness over luxuries. Money is essential and needed too, but it is not everything. 

4.    If you are happy within, it is the greatest gift to yourself. Luxuries may give you pleasure, but happiness will give you paradise. 

5.    Everyone wants peace, love, respect, and happiness irrespective of social and financial status. It is always wised to be a giver than a seeker.  



Ankit kumar Mahakur

An effort to help you out to better off your life. You will get to learn here the gist of stories through moral points, Productivity tips along with easy life tips to tandem your body and mind.


  1. Luxurious is jst a 9 letters word... All human wanted to live in peace...

  2. Yes peaceful life is most important than luxurious life

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