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            The people with complete dedication to work get paramount success in life.  Someone’s intelligence and wisdom can’t be so catchy, the way sincerity and dedication toward work entice people. In fact, life is not a bed of roses; it is full of ups and downs.

          People must fight to endure the journey of life. It indicates to plunge over life without thinking about the result. As we know, tenacity is the ladder of success. Life teaches us to be in flow no matter what. Pain and pleasures, success and failure, ups and downs, are inevitable so as success.  You neither skip nor avoid it rather wise to accept what life throws at you.  Success is tastier when failure has already hit hard on you.

         We can relate it with the life Henry Ford, the most successful entrepreneur of America.  His father William Ford was a diligent farmer. Ford was not so inclined to farm but to repair agricultural equipment. His father was unhappy in his mechanical activities. He always wanted his son to be a successful farmer.

         At the age of 12, William brought a wristwatch for his son. In a curious mind, Henry separated each and every part of the watch to know how it works. His father got enraged in his action but Henry successfully assembled it later. After this, he got a lot of watches to fix. His father was not interested in his free services but, he continued to fix watches tacitly by keeping in the dark to his father.

         Once in a village street he saw a steam engine and chalked out his future plan instantly. He ran away from home and started work in a railway factory. In the meanwhile, a vital part of the steam engine didn’t work. The renowned mechanics of the factory could not fix it, but Henry fixed it in no time. In fear of disrespect and humiliation, the mechanics had thrown him out of the factory in a deceptive way.

         After few days he decided to work in a watch shop. The owner of the shop gave him a back sit, thinking about the customers and their viewpoints toward the small watch mechanic. Finally, he invented the fastest 4-wheeler in America and successfully founded the famous Ford Company in 1903. People hadn’t even dreamt of a son of a farmer would be a founder of Ford Company. Henry’s life was full of ups and downs but his aim was firm and fixed. Finally, in the battle of life, he earned a respectable personality across the globe.


1.    You shouldn’t compel your son or anyone to follow your path. Everyone has a different aim, vision, and choices in his life. Never ever try to live your dreams through your son. Let him craft his own life the best way he could and be a catalyst in his venture.

2.    Perspective is highly variable and it is no way related to your age, gender, and qualification. If someone has done something wrong, ask his perspective. Why did he do this? Listen to his viewpoints before judging or reacting.  Remember, the reaction has always a dead end.  

3.    An inquisitive mind makes you wise and eases your journey of life.

4.    Nobody can stop you without your consent. You will be stopped by yourself only. If you have interest and dedication toward work, you are unstoppable. Money, name, and fame will come to you automatically.

5.    When people see your progress, they may try to pull you down by any means. They may humiliate you and tag you over smart. Remember the line, everyone wants your development below his achievements.

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