The Power Of Self Affirmation


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               Affirmation could make a drastic change in life. It is simply a high vibrational sentence that has the power to shape life. The only thing is to repeat the affirmations in a regular interval. When we continuously remind somethings, our brain executes it into action. Affirmations, visualization, and proper action will certainly make our dreams into reality. It works in the principle of “Fake it till you make it”.  

         Affirmation has the power to activate our subconscious mind. Once our subconscious mind is activated, we work while we sleep too. The brain has the power to make strategy and execute plan in a proper way to get our affirmation done into reality.

         In spirituality, it is called the power of right thinking. Repetition of thinking coerces you to take action, when the same action is taken repeatedly habit will be formed. Habit has the power to change your character and to achieve your dreams. If you know, how to think then you would automatically be the way you wanted to be. 

         So, one can make his life highly productive and valuable by making positive affirmations. The following tips can be followed to make your affirmations solid and realistic.

1.  Prepare a list of work you want to achieve in your life. You should include Health, Family & Relationship, Career, and Passion in your list. 

2.  Your affirmation should contain high vibrational positive words in each realistic sentence. For instances: -

                     I am a happy being, no matter what. 

                     I accept people as they are. 

                     I don’t expect anything from anyone, I am always a giver.  

                     I am using each and every second for fulfilling my dreams.  

3.  Visualize your affirmations that you have already achieved and start proper action for materializing them. 

4.  In every active hour, set an alarm to remind your brain about your affirmations. 

5. Before going to sleep and after waking up from sleep you must remind your affirmations to the brain. It will activate your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind. 

          We must remember in the total process that we think as per the information we consume. So, every piece of information should be conducive to our affirmations. Always keep your affirmations Positive and firm, and never utter a negative word against your affirmations. All these processes must compel you to build up habits and automatically your body and mind will take appropriate action to make it into reality.  


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