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This incident relates to India of post-independence era. There was an exhibition of Cotton in Kakinada at the meeting of the Congress Committee. At the entrance door, a girl was engaged with an entry cost of Two rupees per head. It was the duty of that girl to check the ticket and make entry into the exhibition. She was very watchful not to enter any person without a ticket.

         After a while, a famous person came in-front of the gate to enjoy the exhibition. The lady asked for ticket but the man didn’t have. He searched his pocket from top to bottom but could not get a penny to purchase a ticket. He told the lady that I have forgotten my wallet, I will come tomorrow with money to enjoy the exhibition.  

         There was a Congressman standing nearby, closely observing the incident. He came near the lady and asked, “Do you know to whom you did not let enter into the exhibition”? The answer was a big yes. I know him very well, he is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He is one of the famous Congressman. Sadly, I have got strict instruction not to enter any-persons without a ticket. It is my duty now to obey the orders without fail.  

         Nehru listened to everything as he had recently left that place and was quite closer to the entrance. He returned and patted back to the lady looking at her sincerity and dedication. He genuinely praised the lady and asked,  if you have Two rupees you could owe me. So that I could enjoy the exhibition and pay you back by tomorrow.

         Instantly the lady purchased a ticket taking two rupees from her own pocket.  Nehru enjoyed the exhibition and the brave lady later became the famous Durgabai Deshmukh. She is known for her righteousness, sincerity, and dedication to work in the Indian Independence movement.  


1.    Never be deviated from your assigned task. Do your work with complete dedication and responsibility.

2.    Be simple and humble. Simplicity is the mother of all virtues. Your simple genuine attitude will ease your life and help you to get rid of many problems.

3.    Your sincerity, hard work, and complete dedication toward work would eventually give you a separate image. You will be known for it forever.

4.    Treat everyone equally starting from king to poor. Respect others as you are not as they are.

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