Water: The Nectar of Mother Nature




         Water is highly needed for our survival. In fact, Water is much more essential than food for our body. Our body has 30 trillion cells and all work smoothly with the help of water. All cells structure, its chemical reactions, and signals largely depend on water. 

         Approximately 60% of the human body is water. It contains in the cells, the tissues, the blood, the bones, the brain, the heart, and almost in every organ of the human body. It carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells for its proper functioning. It flushes out body waste through urination, defecation, and respiration. It manages our internal body temperature through sweating and respiration. It also lubricates our joints and spinal Cord.

         The following things we must know about water for making our daily life easy and comfortable. 

1.    A healthy human should drink water within a range of 2.5-3.5 litres per day. It varies as per sex, age, weight, physical activity, body composition, and climate. Our body also indicates the shortage of water through the yellowish colour of urine, frequent dry lips, dry skin, rapid breathing, and lack of energy. So, we should always keep ourselves hydrated.

2.    Too much water is bad for health. It creates unnecessary pressure on the kidneys for its removal and causes swelling in the body. 

3.    Drinking water half an hour before a meal and one hour after a meal improves digestion and proper absorption of nutrients and micronutrients like carbs, proteins, and fat. Drinking soon after eating dilutes digestive juices, and hinders proper digestion by rotting the food and creating stomach issues like bloating, gas, acidity. 

4.    Our body is slightly alkaline and it responses well when an alkaline product goes inside it. We should sip water instead of gulping it down. The salivary gland produces saliva inside our mouth which is alkaline. When water mixes with saliva and goes inside the stomach it stabilizes excessive acid in our stomach and works greatly in favor of our body. 

5.    When cold water goes inside our stomach, it creates many problems like sore throat, shrinking of blood vessels, controls the creation of digestive juices, solidifies lipid, aggravates joint pain, decreases heart rate, and creates numerous problems in the human body. 

6.    The earthen pot should be preferred for cold water instead of refrigerator water, which automatically balances the potential hydrogen in water and remove its impurity. 

7.    Warm water clears the cellular metabolic waste more efficiently and helps in delivering nutrients to the cell properly. It also hydrates and stimulates the cells in removing toxins from the body. 

8.    We should drink water before sipping tea or coffee. Tea and coffee contain a diuretic substance that increased the production of urine by kidneys. So, we need to drink more water before consumption of any diuretic product to refrain from dehydration.  

9.    Sodium maintains a water balance in our bodies. The higher the sodium, the higher is the proportion of water inside our body, which may create swelling and inflammation. So, minimize your sodium intake. 

10. Always drink water after waking up from sleep early in the morning. It has great relevance according to Ayurveda. It rejuvenates our entire cell and the frozen-up saliva has innumerable benefits when it goes inside our stomach. 

11. When we drink water hurriedly in standing or walking or running conditions our kidneys fail to filter water properly. It hampers the distribution of fluid inside our bodies. It also causes joint pain and arthritis due to the accumulation of water in joints. 

12. Copper vessels water kept in a wooden instrument for more than 8 hours is good for our health. It slows down aging, helps in digestion, boosts immunity, and adds weight loss. It has also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

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