Honesty Makes Your Behaviour Unique


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One middle-aged man entered a hotel in Paris. He seemed exhausted and hungry, from his sluggish walking style. 

He sat comfortably on the chair and ate to the fullest. After eating, he gestured for a service boy to come near him. 

He took the worker to the corner of the hotel and said humbly,  Brother, I am in a great dilemma. I don’t have a single penny. 

In my profession, I am a politician. I have been thrown out of my own country. Since then, I have been spending my life like an itinerant. 

I couldn’t control my hunger and came to the hotel. Please, lend me some money to pay the hotel bill. One day I would repay you with interest. 

You seem a good human being, so I expressed my feeling to you. Please, don’t decline my request”. 


The worker was a very kind and compassionate person. He felt the person is true to his heart. He is not a liar; the situation has compelled him to do so. 

Still, he thought for some time and finally gave money to pay the bill. The man left the place giving a big thank you to the serviceman. 

 The man was a famous revolutionary in Russia. He wanted to bring socialism into the country breaking the capitalist ideologies of the tyrant Tsar. 

They were the supreme ruler of the Russian Empire at that time. Finally, he accomplished his goal by prevailing socialism in the country and became the chief of the nation. 

He did not forget the incident and reminisced his empty stomach and the help extended by the serviceman. 

The politician finally decided to repay his old debt by sending some luxury materials to the worker. The worker returned the money and luxury materials with a message, “I had extended help to a hungry man, not to a powerful Chief of the nation. I had not given with an expectation to get it back. So, I returned herewith all the luxuries and money you had sent to me”. 

This statement brings a tear to the eye of the politician. The chief became extremely happy looking at the greatness of the worker. 

He thanked him wholeheartedly. Similarly, the worker gets to know the power of unconditional help. The chief was none other than the famous” Lenin” of Russia. 


  1. When you are in a complex situation, be true to yourself. Your honesty and simplicity would ease the situation like a miracle. 
  2. No amount of help is smaller. Everyone should count the small help they have got from others. 
  3. Great men always follow the path of righteousness no matter what. 
  4. A man is rich by his behavior and attitude not by the property he possesses. 

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