How To Be Stable In Any Situation Of Life:-




                   Two saints Tarun & Karuna returned from a pilgrimage. Tarun, cried a lot by seeing a peculiar scene of his house. The tyrant gust of wind could not spare his thatched house. His house was destroyed by the cyclone. He sadly looked at Prabin and said, I am completely ruined now see what has happened to my house.       

           I tell you every time the god understands nothing. He is very cruel. I have been devoting my whole life to his service. I have not yet harmed anybody in my entire life. I chant his name every day and night. Recently, we came back from pilgrimage. Still, every house of this village is intact except mine. Look this miserable condition of my house, said Tarun without any pause in between. 

             Prabin was in teary eyes. He said you have not yet understood God. He is very benevolent. God does nothing harmful. What happens in our present life is solely a reflection of our actions. We get what we work for. It is our accumulated returned that we get in life. We should not blame God for every mishappening in our life and take credit for maximum good things that happen in our life. We should refrain from contradictory behavior too, for the bad things we blame God, and for the good thing we take the credit. 

             Further, we regard and respect God more than our parents. If our parents don’t even think of any mishappening to our lives, how will God do the same? The cyclone might have taken our house completely. But, he couldn’t. You can still live in the house on the other side. God's blessing is unique. 


1.    The same situation can’t affect everyone in an equal manner. Our internal power varies a lot from person to person. More is the power, less is the effect of any mishappening in our life.

2.    People blame God for every mishappening of their life. God can’t eliminate your problem; it is you who has to put effort to get rid of any problem in life. 

3.    Be happy with whatever you have left after any mishappening in life. Always learn from your mistakes, take complete responsibility without blaming God and people and march ahead with greater vigor and enthusiasm. It will eventually ease your trajectory of life.You can repent or celebrate for every happening to you. The choice is yours.

Ankit kumar Mahakur

An effort to help you out to better off your life. You will get to learn here the gist of stories through moral points, Productivity tips along with easy life tips to tandem your body and mind.

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