Healthy Habit: 1 Fruit The Gift of Mother Nature


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                        Fruit was the first thing that human beings directly eat from mother nature. They are whole, uncooked, untreated, and completely natural.  Apple, orange, banana, guava, seed, nuts are its examples.

                        Raw fruits are highly dense in fibre, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and micro-nutrients.  Fruits are also natural detoxifiers. It automatically eliminates the toxins in our cells and makes us healthy.  Health experts also suggest to remain on an empty stomach with water and fruit until lunch to shed a few kilos of excessive fat from your body.  

            It is always advised to eat fruits on empty stomach for its better nutritional absorption. It shouldn’t be eaten after sunset or with meals. Ayurveda says the digestive fire of our stomach is highly linked to Sun’s movement. As the sun rises our digestion increases and decreases as the sun goes down. Further digestion of fruit requires different digestive enzymes for assimilation of proper nutrients and better digestion.

             Simultaneously, when food and fruits go inside our stomach it creates digestive issues like indigestion, acidity, flatulence, burping, bloating, etc. So, always keep a gap of at least one hour between cooked foods and fruits intake. Eating raw food is always recommended instead of juicing it. As juice lacks fibre and spikes the blood sugar level very quickly. Further, the dietary fibre of fruit does not get digested in our stomach. It passes intact from the stomach to the intestines and finally goes out of the body.  But it makes our stomach fuller for a longer period of time and removes constipation alongside. It not only helps to absorb nutrition but also improves our gut health too.   

            Food and fruit require different digestive enzymes for complete digestion and better absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes largely help in breaking down our food particles. It converts food into nutrients that our digestive tract can easily absorb.

            As far as fruit consumption is concerned, we should always prefer local and seasonal fruits instead of imported high-price food with lots of preservatives and toxic chemicals.

            Apart from this, eating fruits has numerous health benefits like weight loss, acne clear, improvement of gut health, skin issues, fuller stomach, removal of constipation, and improving the energy level of the body.

            Finally, in spite of several benefits of fruits, I would suggest not to eat fruits that are waxed and chemically smeared. Dried fruits that are sulphurised and processed with sugar has also serious health issues. 

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