God Does Nothing



“God Does Nothing, he only maintains the balance sheet of our actions. We get what we do. Be a doer and reap the benefit”.

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Ramdhyal was a very devotee to God. He had a firm belief that God is responsible for everything that happens in our life.  Since God has been doing everything, man can do nothing without his consent.

One day, Ramdayal is in the midst of his prayer to God. The nearest river was flooded by heavy and incessant rains. The floodwaters began to intensify. Fearing the possibility of flooding, people were carrying their essentials to safe places. There was no other way to escape from the imminent flood danger. Some people in the village expressed sympathy and told Ramdayal let’s move to a safe place now. The flood may be fatal after some time. It seems the dam can break at any moment. If the dam broke down, the village would be submerged in heavy floods in no time.

Ramdayal stated to them, "You can go as you wish. Almighty will protect me. He will not let anything happen to me. The villager's prediction was right. The dam broke down & floodwaters entered the village.

Some people were rescuing others who were still in their houses. They saw Ramdayal was sitting helplessly on the top of his thatched house. They called upon him to rescue. He denied their request and said arrogantly, God’s blessing is with me. I have faith in him. He will not let rainwater harm me. You can go.

The water level was gradually rising. Ramdayal was reciting hymns in the name of the Lord. Suddenly, he saw his neighbor was sailing on the flood water with the help of a dried tree. Seeing Ramdayal, he yelled run away rapidly, you will be submerged with the house. Ramdayal, however, did not pay heed to his saying.

After a while, the hut collapsed and Ramdayal began to float in the current. He shouted and said- O God! Why did you betray me? I chanted your name throughout my life. At this juncture, instead of helping me out, you cheated me.

He listened to a sound, Ramdayal! I have tried several times to help you out. At first, I sent your neighbors, and they requested you to come along. Secondly, I sent a boat, but you declined it. Thirdly, the tree floated before you, you didn’t take help. Where is my mistake here? Now, you will get the result of your action. I extend to help people in one way or another. There is nothing wrong with that.


1. An expectation that God will come personally to help you out is absurd.
2. God does nothing. He only maintains the balance sheet of our actions. Be a doer and reap the benefit.
3 Action is needed for getting everything you need in life. You shouldn’t expect God will do everything without your actions and involvement. So, take action for everything you need in your life.
4.     Be more stable when you are stable. Always prepare beforehand for every problem that may come in your life.
5.     When you are in problems and getting help from others don’t decline it. Who knows, he might be deployed by God for you.

Ankit kumar Mahakur

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