Why Perspective Does Matter?


 Short Moral Story:
People may tag you in their perspective, but you know what you are. We shouldn’t judge others without knowing their perspective”.


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            There was a merchant. His wife once said to him, "I have seen the horse on which you are going to ride. Its saddle is in a state of disrepair. Though it's been like this for years, you are not changing it. People are laughing at you for being a miser.

            The vendor said to his wife, "What you are saying is true." You are not the only one who told me that. But I have a small vision behind this kind of behaviour. Now I am explaining, please listen.

            The thing is, on this saddle my father used to sit, and now I am sitting. This is a year-old thing. It has also in bad condition that needs to repair. It is hanging on the strength of the rug’s strap. At any moment it can be of no use.

            After that, we will either purchase a new one or repair the same. But see, for how many years it has remained intact. And for this, my respect toward it has been increased. I tell him every day- You are very patient. You have not been tired of serving for so many years. How infinite your patience is? How can I disregard you?

           In the words of Jen Sincero- "Gratitude is one of the strongest and most transformative states of being. It shifts your perspective from lack to abundance and allows you to focus on the good in your life, which in turn pulls more goodness into reality."

            Next, I think, I should be praised too for my patient. So, every day when I get off from the horse’s back, I greet this aging saddle.

            The merchant's wife said, "Really!" What a wonderful thought you have about this small saddle. I am so happy for you.

                Henry David Thoreau rightly said, " It's not what you look at that matters, It's what you see."

Morals & Values To Inculcate:

  • 1.     If you are certain that you are right. You should continue at your work without paying heed to others' suggestions.
  • 2.     Everyone is right just we need to understand him from his perspective.
  • 3.     We should feel blessed for every bit of thing we have. Many aspire to get what we are enjoying now.
  • 4.     People may tag you in their perspective, but you know what you actually are. We shouldn’t judge others without knowing their perspective.
  • 5.     We should learn to accept others the way they are.
  • 6. We should always focus on what we have instead of what we want. 
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