How Perspective Eases Our Problems



        A person came to a monk and said my father is one of your die-hard friends. Everybody knows he is a man of good understanding and intellect. So, I didn’t understand, how could he become so partial in distributing land between me and my younger brother. He gave fertile land to my brother and barren to mine.

          The learned man replied, he has done this because he loves you more than your brother. I will explain the reasons listen to me carefully.

          Your brother will not do any hardship for reaping the benefit out of the land. You know he is a lazy man. He can’t reap the benefit out of the fertile land too. He wishes to live life without any toil. A man can’t progress in life without any hard work and dedication.  Fertile land also needs hard work to collect grains and increase its yield. Gradually, this simple work becomes difficult for him. He would forget about cultivation and enjoy his time in merrymaking. Everybody should know responsibility and the requirement of money to deal with are complementary to our age. Your father has given fertile land to your brother with the intention of his survival. But a lazy man can’t make any palpable progress in life.

          On the other hand, you are industrious with a lot of good virtues. Your father knows you well in advance. You would give your heart and soul in that land. You have the ability to convert the barren land into fertile. The land in your share would improve its quality with proper care and manure. It would be more fertile and its yield will increase year after year. You will progress exponentially with your hard work and dedication. Your father loves you very much, he always wants your progress. So, he has given this piece of land to you.


1.   When someone has done something bad for you, don't react instantly introspect yourself considering the situation. There might be a greater intention of that person or any hidden interest of God in that situation.

2.    Listen, listen and listen. You should not react without knowing the real intention of a person. Let him speak, pause and introspect whether you are related to it or not, and take actions in such a manner that your happiness and peace of your mind will remain intact.

3.    It matters a lot from whom you are seeking or getting suggestion. Don’t seek it from ordinary people. Who may make your life worse than ever?   

4.    Hard work and dedication will change your present situation with definite success ahead.

5.    Our parents know us more than anyone else. They are the ones who always stand with us, no matter what. Never ignore their contribution to your life. Value their decision with love and respect. 

Ankit kumar Mahakur

An effort to help you out to better off your life. You will get to learn here the gist of stories through moral points, Productivity tips along with easy life tips to tandem your body and mind.

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