Why Our Qualification Is Not Our Identification?


            Short Moral Story:
Your qualification is not your identification. Your identification is your internal possession that is your attitude & behaviour toward others”.

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            Leo Tolstoy was a famous Russian writer. Once one of his friends in remorse asked, Friend! I had recommended & sent a deserving candidate to be your secretary. In my understanding, he had a higher educational qualification. However, you didn’t select him, instead selected a person who didn’t have any substantial qualification. What did to find in and selected him as your secretary denying my recommendation.

            Tolstoy laughed and said, I have selected a person who has valuable certificates. Friend asked in surprise what are his qualifications, please specify.  

            Tolstoy's reply was very interesting and heart-touching. He said, firstly the person sought my permission to enter my cabin in a very humble tone. After getting permission he opened up the door very carefully without any noise considering my concentration would not get disturbed. Because I was immersed in writing. So, he opened up the door very cautiously. Then, he took permission before sitting on the chair. I saw, there was confidence in his eye and attitude.  He silently left his sit after completion of the conversation by taking permission. He was neither recommended by anybody nor coerced me to get his job done.

            I rarely see such novelties in others. He is endowed with the virtues like simplicity, honesty. And, these are highly needed for a person than mere higher educational qualification to be more obedient & sincere. In my understanding, if such people don’t have any educational qualifications, still there will not be any problem. Anybody can garner such educational qualification certificates. Now you say, what have I done is wrong or right. Hearing all these things, the friend of Tolstoy remained silent.

Morals & Values To Inculcate:

  • 1. Sometimes friends & relatives may coerce you to get their work done dragging you emotionally.  
  • 2.     Always you should have the finest reply to everyone. Your response is your strength. As your communication skill increases your relationship with people will automatically be beautiful.
  • 3.     A wise man is far better than an educated one. Wisdom shows your inner possession and a certificate shows your educational qualification.  
  • 4.     Your qualification is not your identification. Your identification is your internal possession that is your attitude & behaviour toward others.
  • 5.     A humble, and a simple person always gets included in the good book of others.


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  1. Have you ever felt the same thing like point1 happened to you?

    1. Yes.
      You might not have encountered such situations still you can't deny it.

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