12 Tips To Do For Everything We Want In Life



12 Tips To Do For Everything We Want In Life
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           We humans have lots of dreams to accomplish in life. We need to work upon it to make our dreams into reality. 

           The thin line between successful and unsuccessful people is the daily habits. Lifestyle changes through inculcating daily habits are the panacea in this regard. Those who knew it can easily achieve their dreams. The minimal effort each day for a longer period of time garners massive results. Daily efforts strengthen our neural connection and ease the process to get what we want. It brings out the best within making us what we truly are. 

           Carl Jung says, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”.

           So, we need to form the right habits to be what we want to be in our life. You may imbibe the following tips in your daily routine to get what you have wished for in life. 

  1. Dream: You should have realistic dreams. Be honest with your ability and take risks in setting goals. Unrealistic dreams become unfulfilled. And, it brings depression and anxiety into your life. It is wise to take time before choosing dreams. But once your dream has been chosen, give your 100% to fructify it.  
    Mark Zuckerberg- “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”.
  2. Environment: There is a saying if you want to change someone, change his environment. Always keep your environment conducive to your goal. We shouldn’t expect success in a poor environment. Always be around with the people from whom you can learn. They will automatically be the catalyst in your path toward your goals. Always raise your standard, following better people & environment around. 
  3. Affirmation: We are what we repetitively do. And we do what we think continuously. The only way to remind our minds about our goal is through affirmation. Once in the morning, where our grasping ability remains at its peak, and once before bedtime to let our subconscious mind work upon our goals. In between, you can affirm to make your neural path solid. Affirmation has the ability to change our thought, word, action, behaviour, attitude and finally helps us to get our goals. 
  4. Be Healthy: Health should remain in the first place out of all things in our life. If you have health then only you can streamline other aspects of your life otherwise not. It includes both physical and mental health. Do exercise, meditate, drink water, eat healthy including fruits, veggies & stay away from sugar, salt, junk food, and aerated drinks.  
    Thomas Carlyle rightly said, “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything”.
  5. Time Table: It reminds us what and when to do that matter the most. Our body acts according to our thought. And, repetition of thought compels our brain to execute. So, to remind our brain about our goals a well-planned strategy is needed through a proper timetable. If one strategy fails, go for another but stick to your goal. We should make weekly, monthly and yearly goals to reap its maximum benefit. 
    Denis Waitley, “Relentless, repetitive self-talk is what changes our self-image”.
  6. Daily action: Don’t skip a single day, at least for a minute do it. Devote time as much as you can in your goal. You shouldn’t squander time on trivial things that don’t bring you closer to your dreams. Always try to engage your brain to make your dream easy and approachable. 
  7. Distraction: Concentration increases our productivity. Distraction diverts our attention and makes us entangled in a different world. External distractions like social media, messages, notifications, etc. sabotage our effort. It not only reduces our concentration but also becomes an impediment to our success. So, stay away from distractions and especially from digital distractions. 
  8. Learn from others: The way you are approaching, people must have gone through this. Learn from their experiences, the wrong and right steps they took facing its consequences. You will eventually be more experienced. Further, It is wise to seek help from successful people, it will ease your journey.   
  9. Implementation is key: Always learn but must focus to execute it in your real life. Many people know many things but it needs the power to implement. Be courageous and take action, even if you fail you will garner experiences. You can’t reap the benefit without taking proper and effective action. A smart man always implements what he learns to add value to his life. 
  10.  Be Optimistic: You never know your potency until you use it. Always be positive and optimistic about yourself. People think what they want to but you know what you are. 
    Roy T. Bennett says, “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine”.
  11. Accept Failure: You can’t avoid failure to be successful in life. Failure is a sign of your progress. If you try, there is the possibility that you may fail. When you don’t try you never fail and, grow in life. So, accept failure and learn out of it. 
    Oprah Winfrey” Failure is another stepping stone of greatness.”
    However, repetition of failures weakens our ability by reducing our mental strength.
  12. Learn new Techniques: Use of technique eases our effort.  Use App like Todoist, Pomodoro, or any other techniques that will ease your work and ultimately brings you closer to your goal. Always remember, labour beats talent but smart work beats labour always.                                            I hope all the above tips will certainly help you. Still, don’t emulate it blindly. Apply it,  what you think is right for you. 





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