How Critic Should Be Treated?


      BUDDHA AND CRITIC           

 When someone loves you unconditionally, he will accept your each and every action automatically. 

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While Gautam Buddha was preaching about his path, he had to go through strong opposition and criticism. 

Once, Gautama Buddha was with his disciples, and a stranger came and spat on his face. Gautama Buddha wiped the spit out in his clothes and said in a calm voice, " Gentleman, will you say anything else?".

In that case, the Buddha's favorite disciple, Ananda, could no longer contain his anger. He said Lord he spat on your face. And you are asking him for any more things to say. 

We shouldn't tolerate this. We have to protest against such bad behavior.

Buddha said Calmly, he didn't only spit on my face. He expressed his feeling through his behavior. Sometimes the language is too short to express our feelings. 

We usually prefer action at that time.  We see people hug others out of an extreme feeling of love and care. I could sense his utter hatred from his extreme action. So, I wanted to know what else further he needs from me. 

Hearing this, the man on the side fell at Gautam's feet and said, " Lord, forgive me." Even though I know you will never love me again for the wrong I have done, still, forgive me.

Gautam Buddha said, "Brother, do you think that I love people who do not spit on my face?" 

That's not my principle. Whether you spit or not is worthless to me because I only love and I love everyone.


1. Life is full of uncertainty. Situations and people are beyond our control. We can solely control ourselves.

2. When you are going to do good for a larger interest, you will be criticized.

3. Extreme feeling is expressed through our actions. When we are extremely happy, we hug someone. Similarly, when we are extremely sad, we cry.

4. Hate can’t eliminate hatred. Negative energy can’t bring positivity. Hatred can be completely eliminated through love and care.

5. When someone loves you unconditionally, he will accept your each and every action automatically. 


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