Morning Shows The Day


A person who is happy with whatever he has. He will be happy forever.


Morning Shows The Day
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There was a rich landlord. He had three sons with different natures. Once a saint paid a visit to the landlord’s house. At that time, lunch was served at home. The saint while taking rest was observing the behavior of the children of the rich. 

The eldest son ate different varieties of food with a hefty attitude and left with pleasure. 

The middle son ate what was served. He didn’t ask more, picking up the left-out ruminants on the plate & finally leaving the place with great care.

The youngest son came at last. After eating the earlier two boys, he ate what was left and walked away in silence.

In the evening the saint told the landlord that you would be happy,  if you obey me while distributing responsibilities among your sons.

The saint said your eldest son's lifestyle is very lavish. You should line him up by giving your business responsibility. The rich man replied, then he would gulp down all my property. No, the saint replied. He would find out ways to maintain a lavish attitude by increasing wealth.

Your second son is economical. His frugal nature doesn’t let him spend more. Give him the responsibility of lands. He has a farmer’s attitude to be frugal and resilient. 

Then your third son, he will take care of you in your old days. He has no ego with a loaded divinity of patience. Whatever he will get, he will be happy.


 1. A person’s attitude defines the future trajectory of his life. 

2. When a person observes your behavior in certain situations, he will predict your future to a certain extent.

3. Responsibility should be given as per the nature and attitude of a person.

4. A learner should be a great observer.

5. Man behaves according to his nature and tries to upkeep it forever. 

6. A person who is happy with whatever he has. He will be happy forever.



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