Problems And Solutions



Problems are inevitable in our life. But, our attitude toward problems makes the difference.

Problems And Solutions

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Problems in life are common. Everybody goes through it in their life cycle.

More often problems open-up new opportunities to strengthen us internally. 

It compels us to grow within using our intelligence and ability. In another way, we can say problems are blessings in disguise if we dare to convert them in our favor.  

A small story in this connection goes like this. 

Once a man said to his Guru, Sir! there are infinite problems in my life. I am not finding any ways to get rid of it. 

Guru replied, then you need to listen to the story told by the great APJ Kalam, the then president of India. 

There was a large palace and someone had to enter by opening the big lock on the main door. 

The door was large and strong. And, the lock was quite stronger than that.

The question is, how will he enter the palace? People, on behalf of that person, searched for a key to open up the lock. But they couldn’t and their labor went in vain.  

In the meantime, someone gave an idea to bring a blacksmith who can make a key examining the lock.

So, a specialized key maker was called for making the key. He tried and failed a few times and finally get successful in making the key. 

The herculean task seems easier with the help of a tiny key. Now the large palace with a strong iron door and lock easily got opened up with the help of a small key. 

After delivering the story Kalam said, the first problem was entering the large palace. 

The second problem was to open up the strong iron door. Unless the door is opened the problem was intact as earlier.

 The third problem was opening up the large lock of the door. 

And the fourth problem is to find out a key to open the lock and subsequently to the door and palace. 

When we look at this problem, we can generalize it in our day-to-day life too.

In this case, a small key was only needed to unlock and open up the strong iron door and finally helped to enter the massive palace.

The key was smaller than the lock, the lock was very smaller than the door and the door was too smaller than the palace.

It means as we focus on the solution the size of the problems gradually starts decreasing. 

Now the Guru said, you shouldn’t afraid of looking at your problem and its size. Every problem has a solution. 

Initially, it might seem difficult and impregnable but eventually, it will be easy and approachable. 

So, when you face a problem with proper planning and take steps with sincerity, the solution will be at your hand eventually.  


  1. A problem is a problem irrespective of its size. 
  2. Problems are not that much big as what our minds perceive. 
  3. Problems are inevitable in our life. But, our attitude toward problems makes the difference.
  4. When you focus on the problem you will see problems of increasing size. When you focus on the solution you will get it in one way or another.
  5. The same problem affects different people in different ways. The actual size of a problem determines by our own internal strength. 
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