Teach What Your Learned



Teach What Your Learned
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We humans learn various things by reading books, blogs, newsletters, seeing videos, listening to podcasts, and from mistakes of self & others. 


But the most proven way to retain knowledge is by teaching. When we teach others, we automatically become informative garnering more of the topic to make our deliberation interesting and resourceful. There are numerous benefits too in learning by teaching methods. 

In due course, it makes us wise and helps to ease our life’s trajectory in many ways. 

           Peter F. Drucker says, “People learn the most when teaching others.

Knowledge increases when we share. And sharing is possible only through teaching others. 


Nowadays our connection with people has increased by leaps and bounds through internet connectivity. So also, availability of materials, books, videos, podcasts, etc. on the internet platform for honing our skills. 


Time for garnering knowledge and sharing has reduced drastically due to the easy availability internet. We no need to squander time budging more in various platforms. 


The only thing we need is our inquisitiveness to acquire continuous knowledge to teach others.  


In the early days' teachers and students’ relationships were only confined to a classroom. The physical presence of both parties was needed for knowledge sharing. Now the scope has been enlarged, we have now lots of modern things like blogs, podcasts, newsletters, videos, books, etc. to share our knowledge.  Now we can choose various online platforms like YouTube, Blogs, Twitter, etc. for learning by teaching methods. 


Simply put, our opportunity to learn and teach has been increased many folds. Now, everything is at our fingertip to explore the area of our interest. Even if we don’t know a bit about a topic and decide to learn and teach still, we can. 


When we have passion for something, we do it with great interest and enthusiasm. 

Eventually, we can convert it into a permanent hustle of earning money. Therefore, a career should be passion-driven, that not only help us to put in our best effort but also we enjoy the total process. 


We teach a lot to people consciously or unconsciously. We too learn from our parents, teachers, friends, and their beliefs unconsciously.

 But, when we decide to teach, we will automatically be more focused and conscious of the source, resource content thinking more about the reader's perspective. 

Our mind also solidifies and retains more knowledge, when we will skim the topic going deeper into it. 


"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow” said Anthony J.D’ Angelo.


 We can teach what we want in our life. Our self-interest increases the curiosity of our mind and helps us to learn a lot of things on the topic.

And automatically our knowledge increases in that field. We gradually become more imaginative putting the right questions to our brain and garnering more knowledge. And certainly, develop an ability to teach others perceptively. This teaching uses more of our analytical brain and helps us to retain more knowledge through learning by teaching methods. 


           “By learning, you will teach; by teaching, you will learn.” Latin proverb.


Learning is a deliberate process when we decide to shape our lives in a particular direction. We become more informative and garner more on the topic.

I do learn how to make my write-up better. And I discover more concepts and ideas when I publish them in public. This is because, when we simply try to learn we scroll down the page and casually go through it. 


When it becomes a conscious choice, we not only learn the topic thoroughly but also focus on perspective learning to make our teaching more appealing and interesting.


So, our goal must be passion-driven. And when we genuinely want something, we do enjoy the total process automatically. 


Finally, your genuine work will add value to the other's life making it a win-win for both parties. 


Ankit kumar Mahakur

An effort to help you out to better off your life. You will get to learn here the gist of stories through moral points, Productivity tips along with easy life tips to tandem your body and mind.

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