Ways To Become An Effective Learner

 Ways To Become An Effective Learner

An effective learner always extracts the gist of what exactly he wants from the write-up. It requires some skills and approaches that you need to inculcate in your learning process to reap maximum benefits.  

Ways To Become An Effective Learner
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However, there are several ways to become an effective learner. You would certainly know all these things after going through the following points.

Know The Reasons Why You Should learn:

When you learn, you gather knowledge. Learning increases your cognitive skill, improves vocabulary, writing ability, and helps you to think clearly. 

It is a continuous process that supports you to discover new things. It always opens up the door to make our life better. 

Learning makes us wise. As we learn, we accumulate continuous knowledge which in turn eases our day-to-day life in right direction.

The growth happens with-in only when we implement the right knowledge in our life. 

The great achievers of the world are the great learners. They have used this tool to make their life super successful. 

Abraham Lincoln used to walk a long distance just to borrow books.

Theodore Roosevelt was reading books from a wide diversity. He read several books at a time reading on average of one book per day.  

Albert Einstein poured over books in great detail. He preferred to read scientific and philosophical books which helped him to sharpen his thinking. 

Warren Buffet is a voracious reader which made him the billionaire entrepreneur of the world. Once he said, “I just sit in my office and read all day.” He spends 5 to 6 hours in reading newspapers and corporate reports. 

Elon Musk got his idea to build rockets through reading books. He says, “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon is also a good online reader. 

Everything is written in books and modern internet connectivity eases our effort. It made available everything at our fingertips.

If you have a wish to learn, you can. The only thing you need is a determined mind and an inquisitiveness to learn. 

You can only become your impediment; nobody dares to without your permission.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


Be a better learner:


A person learns better when he has a goal in mind. The goal will always inspire you to move ahead no matter what. When your end goal has already been defined, you will enjoy the process even if hurdles come in between.

It is possible, only when your goal is passion-driven, that will never let you bore and always inspire you within.

So, while preferring a book. Never plunge into it without knowing what exactly you want to extract from.  

Another important thing is the curiosity or inquisitiveness in your mind to learn putting right questions.

That is what exactly Mahatma Gandhi said, “Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any kind.”

This will rejuvenate your learning strategy and help you to go deeper into the topic in a greater perspective. 

Your brain will automatically analyse things in detail as you start learning.  

When you go deeper into the subject using analytics and understanding, you automatically garner perspective knowledge. That will help you to retain more knowledge which will be very hard to forget too. 


Right Approaches To Inculcate To Become An Effective Learner: 


We usually become very loose or strict in learning new things or skills in life. When you become strict, anxiety can’t make it sustainable and a loose careless attitude takes you nowhere. In each case, you will be a failure. 

You need to embrace a path that will be sustainable and easily practicable.

Sustainability helps to form habit in the long run and easiness brings happiness in the total process.

A planned approach is always better than an unplanned random practice. And understanding the self to be a better learner through learning is also crucial.


The following approaches you can incorporate in your life to become an effective learner.

1) Design a timetable that will suit you the best. At which time what will be your churning topic clearly mentioned in your timetable. 

2) Always know your peak time when you perform the best. The time where you can absorb the most. You shouldn’t miss this time on trivial activities.  

3) Before plunging into a book or anything know earlier what exactly you want from that. Knowing your question beforehand will help you to get the exact answer.

4) We humans perform the best when we choose one task or topic at a time. Stay away from multi-work at the same time. 

5) Fragment your big goal into tiny goals. Bit by bit win over your work. 

6) Learn short and in-depth using your analytical brain. 

7) When you think right, ponder, analyse, observe and act clearly your task will be easier automatically. 

8) Always be goal-oriented and never stuck in the mid-way. Your killing instinct is highly needed for accomplishing a task.

9) Make the process enjoyable. When you enjoy the work and the process it becomes sustainable and helps you to maintain consistency.  

10) Revise what you learn. Our brain can’t keep a thing for a longer period of time without sporadic revisions. 

11) Make your learning interactive by choosing different routes like Books, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, and any other platform. When you feel stuck in one way prefer another. Similarly, change the subject or topic when you are stuck in one. Change your strategy if needed, but never change your goal once committed.

12) Don’t increase your stretch of work for a longer period of time. Take breaks in between frequently relaxing your mind. So, it will help you to retain more. Use Pomodoro techniques. It will surely enhance your performance. 

13) Eat healthy. Unhealthy diets prevent you to perform at your best. Learning requires energy. When you eat unhealthy or more healthy kinds of stuff, your body’s energy will be used for digestion. And eventually, it will make you sluggish and sleepy. 

14) A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Be fit reduce your inches and keep a clear mind through meditation to increase your absorption capacity. 

15) Make your environment conducive to your growth and choose your friend wisely very soon you would become an average of them.

16) Finally stay away from distractions mainly digital that are easily available nowadays. 






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