How can I learn to focus well?

How can I learn to focus well?

A focused mind has the highest concentration power. When you are concentrated, outside turmoil never bothers you. 

It will protect your energy level and make you more aware to get your dream fulfilled.  

It will take less time to get your work done using your optimum potential. Your brain cells will function well and your mind's absorption potential will improve dramatically. 

All of a sudden you can't get what you thought of. Everything you need in life will take time, energy, effort, and a lot of practice.

You can build this power of focus with a few steps of practice and dedication.

1. Practice Meditation, Yoga, and body movement. It will immensely help you in all areas of your life. 

It is just like sharpening the axe before cutting a tree. It will enhance your creativity and help you act judiciously in stressful situations. 

Your stress and anxiety level will reduce to zero. Your response to the situation will be changed. 

The consequences that will come out of your actions will be treated in a very wise manner considering their pros and cons. 

You will always be calm and stable. It is a one-way tool to stabilize your complete emotional health issues providing peace, purity, and happiness in your life. 

However, it is a skill that you can learn easily from the different online and offline platforms.


2. Eat Healthy. Never expect a calm mind with garbage in your stomach. You need to prefer healthy kinds of stuff like fruits, vegetables, water, etc. in your diet. 

You should be more close to nature by consuming her direct products.  

Similarly, you should be wise enough not to consume secondary, and tertiary products; packed foods, oily junk foods, highly sugary and salty foods.


At the same time, you must consume positive information through your sensory organs. Negative food as well as information deplete the energy of your body. 

It is a vicious trap the more you feel drained of your energy the more you eat garbage and the cycle goes on. 

3. Affirmations and visualization. Think, read, watch, write, say, and act what you truly want to be. Your every thought deeply influences your word, action, behavior, personality, and form habits. And, your habit makes character and your future you. 

You must prepare a list of things that you actually want in life. It may be regarding your health, happiness, prosperity, and goal.

:- I am a healthy being. I always eat healthy. All my cells and organs are functioning well.

:- I am always happy. In every situation I am happy. Happiness is my nature. 

:- I am blessed. I am powerful. I am peaceful.  God’s power of divinity is always with me.  

:- Success is certain for me. I am working towards my goals. 

These affirmations have a deep impact on our life. When affirmations are repeated with visualization they will be seen in your results. 

It proves the statement where your attention goes, energy flows. You will get to see tangible progress a few months or years down the line. 

4. Multitasking kills your optimal performance. You should always prefer one work at a time. 

Human brains fail to perform two complex cognitive tasks simultaneously. It will give you stress and lower your efficiency. It will distract your focus and you will have motivation issues. 

You should take action that will be sustainable in the long run, multitasking is hardly sustainable. Efficiency in work arises when you devote your whole energy to one task at a time.  

5. Distraction. Distraction breaks the momentum. You can’t excel in a field when you are not in a flow state of mind. 

In the digital era, you are getting distracted very often. Electronics gadgets have become part and parcel of our life. 

Everyone possesses a Mobile with internet connectivity. They all have social media accounts. 

And, we very much tend to waste our valuable time and energy scrolling the screens. Experts are there to grab our attention by luring stuff that our minds are deeply inclined to.  

It not only hampers our concentration power but also squanders valuable time and energy.

So, it is wise to be alert while using digital stuff to make them work in our favor. You need to use the gadgets judiciously. 

Never let them enter into your productive zones. Digital distraction gives you fatigue, and stress and depletes your energy level. 

Further, it won’t help you to get your goal fulfilled. You can use the following few steps to eliminate digital distractions. 

:- Stop notifications in your productive hours. 

:- Slot your time for Facebooking, replying to Emails, checking WhatsApp, etc.

:- See Videos of What you want, not what they feed.

:-  Keep your phone silent or in other rooms when you are working. 

:- Don’t open unnecessary taps on your computer. 

6. Incessant Action. Our mind tends to forget things when we don't pay heed to remind. It is your duty to remind your mind of what you actually want from within. 

The mind is ever ready to execute your words into action. So, be the one to remind very often what you usually seek from deep within. 

The more you remind your mind, the more you tend to take action. When you take action incessantly, you will encounter more failures and get to learn a lot, and, eventually, be successful.  

7. Environment is the King. You are the product of your environment. It is true for your words, actions, behaviors, and attitude. You would see tangible progress with the passage of time. 

The universe is designed in such a manner that will give you what you radiate. You will be drenched with things that you will pay attention to. 

You need to choose your friend circle online and offline where growth will happen. You will soon be the average of your friends. You will act and behave like them automatically. 

You will be colorful with the colors of your friends and environment. So, It is always advised to choose friends wisely. 

8. Be the Smart Person. If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room. You should always be smart following the smartest person in the world. 

The internet has drastically reduced the gap. Everything is available at your fingertip.  If you have a will, you will find a way.

9. Never lie to yourself. You know better what is good and what is bad for you. Be true to yourself always. 

You have given enough excuses to you. People have excelled in their field being in the worst condition ever. You should introspect and relate your life with them. They had everything with nothing and you have nothing with everything. 

Your choices will make you not others. The more true you will be to yourself, the more progress will happen in your life. 

You could guess what will work for you and what won’t. You need to eliminate things that are not working and embrace things that would bring out the best in you. 

10. Time is very precious. Never waste it on trivial activities that are not adding value to your life. Rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, Men or Women, everybody has the same 24 hours of time. 

You should calculate every bit of the hour and how you are utilizing it. The moment you know the true value of time, you will automatically be successful. 


Ankit kumar Mahakur

An effort to help you out to better off your life. You will get to learn here the gist of stories through moral points, Productivity tips along with easy life tips to tandem your body and mind.

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